Partners and Friends – Staff Buy Pack

Partners & Friends – MRIs innovative employee buyback program

With our ‘Partners & Friends’ program, an optional staff ‘buy back’ process can be integrated with MRI’s other services. Our customers are able to recover some value, while still achieving sound environmental outcomes and maintaining good employee relationships.

Over the years, many of our corporate partners have tried to sell their end-of-use computer equipment back to their employees, with varying degrees of success. While it may seem a good idea at the time, such buy backs can be fraught with danger.

From a security point of view, the computers may have sensitive company data that may be recoverable. There are also legal ramifications regarding the licensing of installed software. Most corporate software licenses are not transferable and are restricted for company use only.

Perhaps the greatest reason for in-house schemes failing is the lack of ‘arm’s length’ distance between the employer and employee at the time of sale. Faulty computers can sour valuable relationships, and the IT department ends up spending valuable time trying to get troublesome items sold to staff to work properly. And is there a warranty with the system? If so, who supports it?

Accountants are also wary. There may be tax implications (e.g. fringe benefits tax). How is the money collected? At what price do you sell the machines to staff? If they are too expensive – it looks bad. If they are too cheap and no limits are applied to the quantity each can buy, some employees may buy multiple systems with a view to resell them at a profit.

Lets face it, if your company does not sell computers as a normal part of your business, are you really equipped to do so?

Now there’s an easier way.

Here’s what MRI’s professionally managed ‘Partners and Friends’ program offers your business:

  1. An Australia-wide ‘arm’s length’ buy back program
  2. A real alternative to traditional disposal methods that avoids the uncertainty of sending end-of-use equipment to auction. We will agree up front on a price, and you have added peace of mind knowing that any non-working gear will be responsibly recycled.
  3. We can set up your own secure company branded order page on our website. A link to this page can be advertised on your company intranet.