Value Recovery

MRI pays competitive prices for working computers that can be refurbished and resold.

MRI’s integrated solution to IT disposal allows our clients to send us ‘the good with the bad’.

Assets with potential for reuse are refurbished, and items of no value are recycled. Items recycled attract a small fee; those with value are awarded a rebate.

The net result is that a typical disposal can be much less expensive than expected, or may even provide a real return to the client.

Generally PCs, laptops, LCD screens or servers less than four years old will have some sort of residual value. CRT monitors and printers, however, have little resale value. MRI publishes a monthly value recovery price list.

Equipment is tested by our technical services, existing data is removed, the item is cleaned of any identifying marks and then repaired or upgraded in preparation for remarketing. Our refurbishment facilities are compliant with the quality standards prescribed in ISO 9000 standards.

Refurbished product is marketed through our factory outlets located in Sydney and Melbourne, Ebay and other Ecommerce sites, and our own extensive dealer network. Some product is exported to developing countries for reuse.

MRI has also developed an innovative employee buy back program we call ‘Partners and Friends’. End-of-use assets are collected, refurbished and offered back to employees at arms’ length, with MRI providing a warranty on the equipment and a hassle-free web based solution for ordering and tracking product.