Safeguarding your data and maximising productivity Using our military-approved software from Blancco, we can ensure effective electronic data wiping from computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles, servers, external drives, copiers and other data recording devices. The Blancco multi-pass data erasure software makes any chance...

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Ready for the E-waste Landfill Ban?

Category : Battery Recycling, Ewaste Recycling

Is your organisation ready for Victoria’s ewaste landfill ban?  In less than four weeks or from 1 July 2019, ewaste will be banned from landfill in Victoria.  This includes all products with a plug, cord or battery. The ban may affect your...

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Recycle your dead TVs and computers

Category : Ewaste Recycling, Media Release

Celebrate National Recycling Week Spring is always a great time to clean-up, declutter and do the right thing. So why not recycle your old computers and televisions for free while celebrating the Planet Ark National Recycling Week which runs 12-18 November. That...

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Keeping Data Safe and Protecting the Environment

Category : Blog Post, Ewaste Recycling, Media Release

Winning the War on E-Waste Continues The second episode (6 August) of ABC's War on Waste continues to positively shine a light on the importance of secure collection and recycling for obsolete televisions and computers. MRI E-cycle Solutions worked closely with the...

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