TV and Computer Recycling Made Easy

TV and Computer Recycling Made Easy

11 November 2018

Data removal is the key to keeping personal information safe

Spring is always a great time to clean-up, declutter and do the right thing. So why not recycle your obsolete computers and televisions for free while celebrating the Planet Ark National Recycling Week which runs 12-18 November.

The Drop Zone ewaste recycling service is making it easier for householders and businesses to keep electronic waste (or ewaste) out of landfill.

Obsolete laptops, desktop computers, monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, mobile phones and their accessories contain materials that we need to recover and recycle to manufacture new products. Lost and lonely cables, mice and power supplies are very welcome and can be successfully recycled.

But what about data security you ask? It’s very important to make sure that any sensitive personal information or corporate data is removed from your unwanted devices.

Even though all product collected is destroyed during the disassembly and recycling process, it is always a sensible step to wipe any data stored on your IT equipment and mobile phones.

Will LeMessurier, the managing director of MRI E-cycle Solutions, the company which manages the Drop Zone service, encourages the public and businesses to be careful with data on old and unwanted electronics.

“In fact, any electronic device that can store sensitive personal information should be wiped or reset before you drop it off for recycling” said Will LeMessurier.

As one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, we need to think twice about how we use and dispose of electronics. If the opportunity to repair and reuse electronics is possible and cost effective, we should be extending their life and keeping them in service longer.

“Repair and reuse should always be the first step towards keeping television and computer waste out of landfill. Recycling our ewaste is important and should be the preferred option when electronics reach the very end of their useful life” added Will LeMessurier.

Sending obsolete electronics and batteries to landfill is not only a waste of scarce resources, it can potentially harm the environment and human health where hazardous substances like lead or cadmium may leach into waterways if not disposed of safely and correctly.

The reality is that many older landfills in regional Australia aren’t design to capture leachate and are often not staffed properly to ensure correct disposal behaviour by residents and businesses.

“By using the free Drop Zone services across Australia, the public can help ensure that over 95% of the materials in their old electronics will be recovered and recycled. This is a great outcome for the community and the environment” said Will LeMessurier.

Drop Zone by MRI is an industry funded and Federal Government approved service under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, that ensures all products collected are recycled to the Australia Standard AS/NZ 5377. It is funded by companies like Lenovo, Acer and Panasonic who import televisions and computers into Australia.

Drop-off locations around Australia

In association with numerous urban and regional local councils around Australia and several social enterprises, Drop Zone operates free drop-off sites nationwide.

To find your nearest Drop Zone location visit

Remember you can also drop off your household handheld batteries at ALDI stores as well. Whilst any brand of battery can be brought back, only AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized batteries (rechargeable and non- rechargeable) are accepted through the ALDI program.

If you’re after a battery recycling bucket for your home, school or workplace, visit the MRI E-cycle Solutions website for user-friendly solutions and battery collection receptacles.

Over 95% of ewaste collected is recycled, and none of the collected items are resold or remarketed.

More information and media comment

Contact Will LeMessurier directly for media comment and/or high resolution photos.

Will LeMessurier – Managing Director
MRI E-cycle Solutions
Mobile:  0419 302 682

Tel:  1300 439 278

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