Positive Talk on Victoria’s E-waste Ban

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The 2017 Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) provided a useful forum to talk about some upcoming waste avoidance and resource recovery issues, including the proposed e-waste landfill ban.

The AWRE seminar discussing the ban was a positive and realistic session that covered many of the key issues, including the value of maximising e-waste recycling and recovery, as well as the practical challenges of enforcement.

Progress by the Victorian Government toward releasing a consultation package on the ban is imminent and many stakeholders are eagerly awaiting the release of these documents. Local councils, e-waste recyclers and the electronics industry are particularly eager to see the Government’s preferred approach, and understand the mechanics of how the ban will operate.

Chaired by Rose Read, Chief Executive Officer from MRI PSO, the seminar highlighted the importance of educating and engaging the community well ahead of the ban with a view to adequately preparing the public to do the right thing.

A well-informed group of panellists and great questions from the floor provided an inclusive opportunity to discuss many of the key issues, including the scope of the ban, fees and charges, community education and the need for improved e-waste collection infrastructure at transfer stations, landfill sites and other aggregation points.

Dedicated funding to help implement the e-waste landfill has been allocated in 2017-2018 budget and this may help build confidence among relevant stakeholders. The usual questions about the extent of funding and who will be eligible for support remain, however it is likely that local councils will rightly be the primary recipients.

The propose landfill ban is of particular interest to MRI E-cycle Solutions and MRI PSO, and we look forward to continuing our work with local councils through the National Televisions and Computer Recycling Scheme.

For more information about the proposed e-waste landfill ban visit the Victorian Government web site

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