Innovative Re-Use

Turning Ewaste into living art

In 2006, a client approached us with 60 clear acrylic Mac 17” CRT’s that he wanted to recycle. Rather than recycle the monitors as usual, we decided that they could be put to better use. Why stare at that fish tank screen saver when you could have the real thing!! With the clever use of Perspex and fish friendly adhesives we created an environmentally sound and eye catching alternative to landfill.

What you can do with 300,000 keys and lots of glue

In 2005, John Vella, a Tasmanian artist, lined the walls of Rose Bay Public school in Hobart as part of the “Art for Public Buildings Scheme”.

Covering 90 square metres and consisting of more than 300,000 individual keys supplied by MRI, the walls of this ordinary public school have been transformed. In the artist’s words; ”Residues of millions of touches remain on the keys capturing the tactile manifestations of past enquiries, exchanges and communications.”