Government Publishes MRI PSO 2016-17 Annual Report

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The Department of the Environment and Energy has released the 2016-17 Annual Report for the MRI PSO Co-regulatory Arrangement.

The Report has been published on the Department’s website and is also available on MRI’s recently updated website.  It provides essential information about the collection and recycling activities conducted under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS), and highlights the positive work being undertaken by MRI PSO on behalf of Liable Parties.

We have been particularly effective in providing the public with an e-waste recycling program that delivers cost-effective collection and recycling solutions for television and computer waste.

The Annual Report is an important source of information for anyone interested in the NTCRS or MRI PSO’s activities in support of Liable Parties.

For more information about the Annual Report or MRI PSO contact Rose Read at: