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At MRI we are continuously monitoring developments associated with COVID-19 and proactively implementing measures to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus and preserving the health of our staff, customers and the public at large   Collections BY MRI We have...

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Safeguarding your data and maximising productivity Using our military-approved software from Blancco, we can ensure effective electronic data wiping from computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles, servers, external drives, copiers and other data recording devices. The Blancco multi-pass data erasure software makes any chance...

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Ready for the E-waste Landfill Ban?

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Is your organisation ready for Victoria’s ewaste landfill ban?  In less than four weeks or from 1 July 2019, ewaste will be banned from landfill in Victoria.  This includes all products with a plug, cord or battery. The ban may affect your...

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Recycle your dead TVs and computers

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Celebrate National Recycling Week Spring is always a great time to clean-up, declutter and do the right thing. So why not recycle your old computers and televisions for free while celebrating the Planet Ark National Recycling Week which runs 12-18 November. That...

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