Free Bega Valley ewaste weekend

Category : Dropzone, Media Release

The Bega Valley community will be able to declutter next weekend as part of a national initiative to keep electronic waste out of landfill. Drop Zone by MRI E-cycle Solutions and Cleanaway, in association with Bega Valley Shire Council, are accepting e-waste...

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Battery Stewardship Council

Category : Battery Recycling

The newly formed Battery Stewardship Council inches towards a national stewardship scheme The Chairman of the Battery Stewardship Council (BSC), Mr Gerry Morvell, has welcomed the recent announcement by Ministers at their meeting in Melbourne on 27 April 2018 of their support...

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Time to recycle everything with a plug or battery

Category : Media Release

Victoria’s ewaste landfill ban should also drive national policies Last week’s announcement by Environment Ministers to fast track the development of new product stewardship schemes for photovoltaic solar panels (PVs) and batteries, has created the perfect opportunity for Australia to better manage...

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Accelerating Circular Solutions for Electronics

Category : Blog Post

Circular thinking and the concept of closing the loop is gaining considerable momentum in some sectors and industries While not entirely new, there is growing interest, excitement and acknowledgement that a circular economy is key to achieving a sustainable future. Australia’s first...

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