Order a battery bucket

For safe, reliable and simple battery recycling at home, work or at school order either our 5tr or 25 ltr battery bucket.

This prepaid service takes care of everything, including delivery of bucket, free pick up and recycling when the bucket is full.

Who can order a battery bucket?

  • Corporates, shopping centres and supermarkets.
  • Small businesses.
  • Private homes.

What battery types can go in my battery bucket?

All battery types can be recycled in the battery bucket including

  • Nickel Cadmium.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride.
  • Lithium rechargeable.
  • Lithium primary.
  • Alkaline.
  • Lead acid.

How does our battery bucket service work?

Step 1 – Order Battery Bucket

Step 2 – MRI delivers battery bucket to you home, office or school

Step 3 – When the bucket is full call or email MRI as per the instructions on the bucket for a free pick up and replacement bucket.