A Social Focus for Used Technology

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MRI E-Cycle Solutions has embarked on an innovative new partnership with PonyUp for Good, a Melbourne based Social Enterprise, who have a mission to leverage the residual value of used technology coming out of businesses, turning it into fresh meals for people across Australia, doing it tough. Together we aim to donate 2 Million meals by June 2020.

PonyUp is the brainchild of longtime friends and Co-Founders, Mardi Brown & Cat Harding, two big-hitters, who took the leap from their corporate backgrounds to build a business, which had both an environmental and social impact purpose.

Watch the short PonyUp for Good video for a quick glimpse of how technology is contributing to social programs.

Social sustainability benefits

This savvy Social Enterprise is reducing e-waste landfill by collecting donated, decommissioned technology from businesses, securely data erasing, debadging, refurbishing and on-selling tech via MRI E-Cycle Solutions. PonyUp for Good then donates 50% of the value of technology able to be re-sold, to their charity partner – Australia’s largest fresh food rescue charity, SecondBite who last year rescued more than 10 million kilograms of nutritious food and redirected it to more 1300 community programs on the front line of food poverty.

“It’s a new way of extracting value from waste and an exciting way to contribute to a circular economy by encouraging the reuse of technology rather than jumping straight to recycling or worse still, having it end up in landfill and wasting precious resources.” says Cat Harding, Co-Founder at PonyUp for Good.

“We are incredibly proud to be partnering with MRI E-Cycle Solutions. We know that electronic waste is one of the fastest growing contributors to the waste problem here in Australia and by working with MRI, who are ISO 14001, AS/NZS 5377 and EPA accredited, we can feel confident of only the best environmental outcomes. Combine that with a the social contribution that PonyUp brings and it’s an altogether new way of looking at e-waste.”

Reporting that has value

Another PonyUp point of difference is the reporting and metrics they provide to contribute to businesses sustainability and social responsibility KPIs and annual report impact statements. Standard metrics include; kilos of technology diverted from landfill, percentage able to be reused and the number of meals provided via SecondBite.

With over 30 years of combined corporate marketing and internal communications experience, the team at PonyUp can also build out a communications plan to enable their clients to talk about the outcomes they have contributed to, turning the removal of e-waste into a great internal news story.

There are already some great Australian brands joining the PonyUp stable including Australia Post, Little Real Estate Group and two giants of the Technology Solutions Industry SXiQ and Thomas Durea Logicales.  Combined these clients have contributed more than 56,000 meals via SecondBite and kept more than 20,000 kilos of technology out of landfill in just the first quarter of this financial year.

To find out more or become a part of this exciting new program:

Visit the PonyUp website or Facebook page

Visit the SecondBite website

Watch the PonyUp video and learn more about this unique ‘tech for good’ program.