CRT Recycling

Poor disposal of obsolete Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors is particularly damaging to the environment.

A 17″ CRT contains approximately 2.5kg of lead, together with other carcinogens. As dumped monitors gradually break down in landfill, these dangerous toxins contaminate our environment.

In Australia fewer than 3% of CRTs are recycled.

MRI operates ISO 14001 accredited CRT recycling plants in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Unlike some recyclers, we do not shred CRTs.

We use a combination of manual disassembly and automated processes which together achieve a 98% diversion from landfill.

What we do with the nasty stuff

Glass: Leaded glass is separated from the other glass and sent to a lead smelter for extraction.

Plastics: Computer plastics contain carcinogenic fire retardants. When melted at high temperatures, these are released into the atmosphere and find their way into our food chain. MRI’s recovered plastics are remanufactured at low heat into innovative green products – such as fence posts and pallets that resist fire and termites. More information here

Circuit Boards: Printed circuit boards contain precious metals such as gold and silver. As there are presently no Australian-based recovery solutions, MRI is licensed to export this product to our partner in South Korea. All our downstream partners maintain strict environmental controls pursuant to ISO 14001.