Mobile Phone Recycling

MRI has extensive experience in mobile phone recycling operations. All processes comply with ISO14001 Environmental standard.

From 1999 to Nov 2006, 402 tonnes of mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories have been collected and recycled by MRI under contract with a national industry program.

This represents some 630,000 handsets, 1.68 million batteries and 210 tonnes of accessories.

What do Australians do with their old ‘bricks’?

According to an AMTA survey conducted in January 2007:

  • 52% of Australians keep their old mobile phones, working or not
  • 23% give their old mobile phones to family or friends
  • 5% are thrown out
  • 4% of people have lost or had their mobile phone stolen
  • 3% recycle them
  • 4% said it was still in use
  • 4% traded them
  • 1% donated to charity