PC Recycling

More than 98% of PC components can be efficiently recycled by MRI. Laptops and other mobile devices are increasingly outselling the traditional PC. The result is storage rooms and garages across the country filling up with unwanted PCs – and the longer these old assets stay in storage, the more likely they are to end up in landfill.

As with CRT monitors, PCs contain many toxic substances that can contaminate the environment if equipment is carelessly discarded.

MRI’s highly efficient recycling processes can divert virtually all of a PC from landfill (i.e more than 98% by weight):

Steel casings are recycled locally as scrap metal.

Circuit boards are removed and sent to one of our downstream partners for precious metals recovery.

Cables are granulated and copper is recovered.

Plastics, such as the bezels and PVC insulation, are recovered and remanufactured into useful green products, such as fence posts and pallets.

Depending on our clients’ needs, MRI can recycle the product completely, recover parts for reuse, or test and refurbish the item.

With the life cycle of a PC around three years, reuse is not only environmentally sound, it allows disadvantaged members of our community access to inexpensive technology.