How asset recovery works

A simple five step process to dispose of you IT assets in a secure, safe, ethical and environmentally sound way.

How it works:pile of computers

  1. Assets with potential for reuse are refurbished.  Each item is first tested by our technical services team, all data is then removed, the device is cleaned of any identifying marks, then repaired or upgraded in preparation for sale.
  2. Refurbished products are then sold either through our factory outlets in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra; on eBay or other Ecommerce sites; or through our own dealer network.
  3. Where are they sold to?  Some products are exported to developing countries or we can offer them to your employees through our ‘Partners and Friends’ buy-back program. 
  4. Items of no value are recycled.  All devices are dismantled into their components with over 95% of the plastics, metals and glass recovered for reuse in accordance with AS 5377.  For some components you may receive a rebate (e.g. circuit boards) and for others it may cost (e.g. batteries).
  5. The end result.  Peace of mind that the value of your old IT assets have been realised and disposed of in a cost effecitive, secure, safe, ethical and enviornmentally sound manner.  With the option of donating any financial returns from the disposal to either your preferred charity or our charity partner Ponyup For Good.Ponyup logo