Secure data wiping

You’ve probably never given much thought to just how important the data on your electronic devices is until you’re faced with losing it, or worse having it misused.

The truth is, the data on your old mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC is undoubtedly more valuable to you than the actual hardware. And in the wrong hands your data can be used for illicit purposes.

That’s where we come in. MRI offers multiple pass destructive wipes on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones that can then be remarketed. Rather than reformatting your device, a multi pass wipe writes a series of zeros and ones across the storage and makes any chance of recovery impossible.

Our secure data wiping methods meet the strictest of standards and comply with U.S. Department of Defence requirements.

We also offer a secure chain of custody for the removal and transport of sensitive data storage devices to our facility and certificates of data destruction.

For peace of mind, prices start at $5 per device.