National Television and Recycling Scheme

Have you received a letter from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment advising you of your commitments under the NTCRS?  Read on to see how MRI PSO can simplify this process for you…

Who we are:

By choosing MRI PSO as your NTCRS partner you are supporting a wholly Australian owned SME that provides much needed employment to vulnerable segments of the Australian workforce.

An eWaste Recycler First

The MRI Group has over 30 years’ experience in the eWaste industry and guarantees a minimum of 90% diversion from landfill  of your liability.

Dealing directly with the recycler and not a middleman, third party or broker ensures the best rate for your NTCRS liability and the comfort in knowing that the recycling operations are tightly controlled to meet quality and compliance.

Our Service

We promise a flexible, easy and fully managed service.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and tailor a service for your needs. From a simple cost-effective solution to a full service including the full suite of MRI services and a joint marketing campaign, -you decide!

By Signing with MRI PSO, you ensure that you have a set and forget solution to your NTCRS liability. MRI PSO will

  • keep you informed of the relevant changes to your liability,
  • advocate and liaise with the Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Water on your behalf and
  • take care of all the admin associated with your liability.

We also offer a marketing service to align your brand with best practice  of the NTCRS to ensure that your efforts in supporting this scheme are recognised and rewarded

Our Supply Chain

Our ‘Best in Business’ Downstream Vendors program ensures that ALL eWaste collected and processed by the MRI Group ends up with reputable end processors who extract the recycled product and make them available to your supply chain. We can work with you to develop a true CIRCULAR ECONOMY for your organization!

Over 94% of the volumes collected and recycled through the MRI supply Chain are diverted from landfill.


Maintaining 5 different ISO certifications means the MRI PSO is the most certified Product Stewardship Organisation. We take our Environmental, Systems, OH&S and industry standards seriously.

See our certifications HERE

To determine the best way to fulfill your NTCRS obligations

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